International Program – Vancouver Campus

School District 91 opened their Vancouver satellite program, Xspace, in September 2018. This unique ‘blended’ innovative secondary program offers a full-time G10-12 program leading to graduation (BC Dogwood Diploma). Xspace also offers K-9 English Language Arts courses for ELL students that mirror BC curriculum.

Xspace also opened a full-time Ontario offshore high school program of the same model in China in 2017. This program leads to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and is a direct pathway to the School District 91/Xspace program in British Columbia.

SD 91 International Program – Vancouver Campus

Xspace is School District 91’s satellite campus in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, housing an innovative full-time secondary school program for students. Students who attend Xspace complete accredited G10-12 courses with SD 91 through a unique blended learning model and graduate with a BC Dogwood Diploma. Xspace’s blended learning model creates a space where students can interact in purposeful ways with peers, digital course materials, their course teacher and their classroom facilitator. Qualified educators from the Xspace-SD 91 instructional team work together to guide students through coursework, while helping students develop long-term soft skills and offering personalized instruction that fits students’ individual needs.

In Xspace’s K-9 English Language Arts courses for ELL students, students will develop strong communication skills, an understanding of English language and literature, and digital literacy skills important to 21st century learning. Students are guided to think critically, creatively and reflectively, while building a sense of personal identity and being respectful of various perspectives and worldviews.


Xspace commits itself to the success of students by :

  1. Facilitating a timely integration of students into the Canadian education system, including the effective mastering of English and other BC credit subjects;
  2. Bridging gaps between cultures and methodologies to foster students’ growth and excellence;
  3. Encouraging students to take ownership of their education by developing self-discipline and confidence;
  4. Fostering digital literacy skills through the use of technology.

For further information please contact Xspace at:

206-5066 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC, V5H 2E7
(778) 682-4578  or

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